Welcome TO DMV Dream Care!

DMV Dream Care LLC is a postpartum support agency with experienced and caring Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, and Night Nurses who support families as they embark on their parenting journey and provide care for their infants. Every caregiver is CPR and first-aid certified as well as fully vaccinated. We have extensive experience with a multitude of children, including premature babies and multiple babies, and we enthusiastically support all types of parents including adoptive parents and same-sex parents.   

We establish foundational sleep care to ensure both a good night's sleep for parents and babies as they begin their recovery postpartum, and to instill safe sleep habits from the very beginning so babies can grow to become sound sleepers. We have experience in working with every sleep scenario including bassinets, cribs, and the Snoo. 

DMV Dream Care offers its services in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Contact us for any further questions or concerns.